Whether on television or in your local area, you will most likely find it a common scene of a woman dating a man several years younger than her. Indeed, this scenario is more commonly referred to as cougar dating and it is far common these days.

In fact, several famous celebrities such as Cameron Diaz, Madonna, and Demi Moore is or have been involved with younger men. However, there are still a few others out there who are quite warm to the idea of cougars dating men nearly half their age.

Cougars are often despised and ridiculed in society for dating guys that are young enough to be their sons. Indeed, this is what is present in reality instead of being a form of exaggeration. It prompts one to question as to whether the relationship will last at all or is a temporary source of high for both parties. This is a burgeoning question that one cannot prevent from arising.

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But for a cougar looking to date younger men, the prospect of searching for that one guy to date steadily is indeed an exciting prospect given the vast amount of selection to pick from. Surprisingly though, there are also quite a few men interested in cougar dating for vast reasons.

The answers as to why young men involve themselves in cougar dating is actually more obvious than it appears initially. Despite the negative implications of cougar dating, there are actually just as much positive associations with cougar women. For instance, she is often a figure of feminine power and independence. You’ll see that Ask Men raises this topic quite a bit. Men are attracted by that knowing that a woman is confident about her looks and how she feels about herself, regardless of age. In addition, most cougar women have established personal and financial success. So, how could any man resist that?

For a woman to be categorized as a cougar, she must average around 40 years of age. The men they attract (young men, especially) are referred to as the cubs. If you think that it is interesting, then wait until you find out more about the specifics of this particular dating scheme.

As mentioned above, young men partake in cougar dating because they love being around a strong-willed, smart, and independent woman. Most young women nowadays have issues with their self-image, peers, and confidence — all of which can cause a man to turn away. But cougar women are the exact opposite. Their life experience has taught them how to gain confidence and establish personal success, such that they can handle life quite well on their own, even without a man. But the core of the cougar dating extends far beyond the superficial level as it can also involve sexual and intimate relationships. See this NY Magazine article for more on dating older women.

Men likes it when women take control and become the predator. This exact same dating scheme exhibits that completely. A cougar woman is quite experience sexually, such that she knows how to please a man and is adept with her flirting skills.

In the end, cougar dating is all about a combination of the above mentioned qualities that make cougar women attractive to younger men. And once you choose to enter that phase, it only gets better as you go far along.