For the creators of items a man puts his penis into, business is booming. The recently launched Autoblow — that gyrates with simulated vagina and lips sleeves — is on course to sell eighty thousand machines, at over $150 a piece, in just its initial year.

One more fairly recently launched automatic masturbator system, the $245 Humpus, sold over 4,000 devices this year and is expected to triple that number this coming year. Both products add to the manual $50 Fleshlight vagina simulator, introduced in 1995 and today offers molds of favorite adult movie star genitals.

Fleshlight Sex Devices

Fleshlight Sex Devices

Just what is the motive that men order these sexual systems? Men still get sexual enjoyment from various types of porn via Grand Appy porn applications and more lately by the new VR Sex Directory virtual porn apps. But they still have a desire to come into contact with something to really experience a feeling similar to being with a woman.

In short, men purchase sexual masturbators so that they can feel something physically considerably more similar to the genuine thing than their palm. Although a hand may get the task accomplished, it obviously feels just like your own hand. An artificial vagina type of sexual device can imitate something similar to 75 percent of the actual experience of the penis entering a mouth or vagina.

This may not be exactly the same as an actual female conducting the task, but it is similar enough that countless guys are completely satisfied with the equipment. Many guys declare the good thing is it doesn’t become fed up, so the toy carries on stroking without complaint and without getting tired. For information about sex toys for women, take a look at this Women’s Health Magazine article.

As good as this sexual gadget may be, you might question why a man would spend a high price for a masturbator when that money could possibly be spent elsewhere, like maybe on a date with a real woman. A sexual machine may cost money, however it is a one-time cost — it is not the unrelenting costs of having a girlfriend or wife. Plus a female isn’t always available for sex … unlike a sex system that is always nearby. Having sex with a device is probably not just as good as being with a real woman, but the actual thing has strings attached, such as emotional discussions and shopping.

Most men will be too uneasy to admit to buying a sexual machine of any sort. That is certainly somewhat interesting, considering nearly every woman possesses a penis-shaped vibrator. They can now be found in the condom aisles of most drugstores and supermarkets. So why can’t us guys get our own vagina with no annoying female connected? If you’re a guy more interested in sexual experiences with a real woman, take a look at this article.